Sunday, April 11, 2010


The revolution poem was vitalizing, it was rejuvenating, it was a breath of fresh air for the state of mind. The poem was a reminder to strive for the better and to keep in sight the task at hand. To remember the cause of why we do, what we do. When people live for the truth and live to see it remain, a lot of things begin to fall in to place, if, not already there. When we believe in something we feel as if it's our duty to be heard or understood or to make right what's wrong. Having an opinion is one thing but having facts to support your thinking method is quality goods. Anybody can have an opinion but who has the facts, things that can be proven. What will be remembered, is what will be restored! REVOLUTION!!!!!!!

The Black Arts Movement

After reading and understanding the message behind the Black Arts Movement my next mental task was how do I reciprocate it in the present world today? How do I keep the dream alive and well, so that our for fatheres can see that they did not strive in vain. Why do I feel like it is my responsibility? As a young African-American female who resides in harlem, and has to deal with people of our time (the present day masters and slave owners) ( 9-5 jobs and 8-3 school) I am going through what my people have gone through in the same way. Maybe they didn't make their self clear? Maybe when the Black Panthas wrote their list of rights they laughed. Thinking that they too shall pass just like the other "niggas". But they have yet noticed the majority of African-Americans enrolled in school or owning the business or preparing the nurses for surgery. Or me the young African-American female who heard them when they said let freedom ring....

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Art Politics and Protest

I believe that this class will give me the facts to support my opinions that I have given based on my life experiences. I think that this class will allow me to grow menatlly and reassure me about my heritage trials and tribulations. I believe that it's possible for me to interpret the findings and reviews with the readings given to me. I also can understand that I will have to face the facts when we get too certain topics about culture and other traditional doings.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The speech by Malcolm X was so empowering, so invigorating so enlightening and very straight to the point as a hungry reader for knowledge I have been Fed. Malcolm X was always a really strong speaker and definetly opposite from Dr. Martin Luther King jr, Malcom believes in speaking the same laguage. He believes that in order to be heard you have to speak the listeners language and make sure they hear you well. I love how he starts off with confessing to the African-American males , that in fact they can not call themselves men because they are allowing there women to be beaten. He's definetly gotton the crowd attention when he's able to say "If his language is with a shotgun, get a shot gun." these are words obviously spoken by a strong man. No fear, i don't think Malcom X has any fear towarsd the white man but in fact more knowlege because they were definetly aware of his presence to the people. I would reccomened this reading to anyone.